Charlie D. Flynn


Charlie Flynn is the founder and CEO of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international investor relations firm.

Originally from London, his career in finance and technology has taken him around the world, with clients in the United Kingdom, United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Bermuda.

At Mid Atlantic, he has led mergers, acquisitions and financings with a transaction volume in excess of $3.5 billion and has assisted private and small to mid cap companies in raising in excess of $500 million in equity through growth capital introductions, advisory, investment relations and consulting offerings here at MidAtlantic Capital Associates.

Mr. Flynn began his career in technology designing and building personal computers in Canada in the mid-seventies to eventually become an authorized distributor for Microsoft and Apple. After successfully selling his company, Charlie joined Unisys in corporate development and mergers & acquisitions. After Unisys, he pursued his interest in finance to join a New York investment firm and moved to Boca Raton, Florida and then to Toronto, working with a number of broker-dealers in mergers, acquisitions and financings before launching Mid Atlantic in Bermuda while travelling the globe to establish relationships and equitable partnerships which have stood the test of time.

Mr. Flynn is the author of several books, is world renowned for his work with corporations and investors and admired by his seven children.  Mr. Flynn has cultivated MidAtlantic Capital Associates into a boutique family operation recently acquiring two of his seven children into senior management positions.

Mikael Lundgren


Mikael Lundgren is the Executive Vice-President of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international investor relations firm.

He is also on the board of directors of several public companies, listed in Canada and the US.

Previously, Mikael was a partner of Royal Deals, in Abu Dhabi, UAE, and before that, Head of Legal Affairs for the PNYG Group and Visionary Invest Partners AG, which were based in Dubai, Monaco and Spain.

Prior to joining PNYG, he co-founded AristoGaming Ltd., where he held the position of Chairman and CEO. Directly after graduating from law school, he worked as a judge’s assistant at the Court of Gothenburg in Sweden. 

Mikael holds a Master’s Degree in Law from Lund University in Sweden.


Creenagh Flynn


Creenagh Flynn is the Marketing Consultant of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international relations firm.

Creenagh has over 20 years of experience working her way through the ranks of the marketing ladder from designer to global director, an expert in brand design, strategic campaign development, content, budget efficacy and growth marketing. 

Creenagh launched her first IPO in 2004.  Creenagh since then has been the marketing director for 75+ go-public transactions, a renowned e-Commerce Director, creating the platform and communications required to roll out, sell and optimize brands in multi-channel business models.  She has developed multi-million annual revenue online stores, and apps.  Ms. Flynn has also cultivated online communities with a total follower organic growth average of 100000x each year totalling over 10 M. While working as a contract consultant and has been a team member of notable IPOs on the TSX in Canada, OTCQB in the USA and other global markets including LSE. 

In 2012, she worked with Accenture on the roll out of smart energy grid Information Technology system upgrades for utility companies around the world such as BC Hydro, Hydro One and Hydra Italia.  

Creenagh has been a key team member raising close to 900 million and her e-commerce platforms have sold nearly 50 million in merchandise to online consumers while under her management, she has managed marketing budgets up to 1million/year and successfully responded to RFI in excess of 250 million USD. 

Creenagh is a skilled creative, corporate and finance professional, a proven expert in translating complex project data and strategies to the public markets and developing the platform, packaging, tools, creative elements, social content and media required to grow their influence within the global markets they operate.


Rick Darnell


Rick Darnell is a consultant and advisor at Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international relations firm.

Mr. Darnell has decades of experience in for-profit as well as non-profit business development and ventures.

Rick is the current President of the National Basketball Retired Players Association, Los Angeles Chapter and sits on the board of Giving Children Hope, Athletes Education, and Martial Arts For Christ.

Rick Played in the NBA\ABA then on to Europe where he Played 8 years in Italy as well as one year in France and England. Rick had been awarded accolades as Most Valuable Player, Team Captain and Player of the Year.

Rick Darnell studied business administration at Cypress College, and Indiana University.




Sean Flynn is the financial disruption, cryptocurrency and security industry consultant of MidAtlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international investor relations firm.  A recently honourably retired naval officer who since retiring has been employed in the private corporate sector.





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