Mid Atlantic Capital Introduction

Mid Atlantic Capital Associates is a boutique advisory and investor relations firm.

The Company has been involved in capital markets worldwide and has arranged transactions from Vancouver to New York and from Dubai to Singapore.

We are renowned for our ability to leverage unique industry knowledge, analytical ability, experience and relationships to achieve maximum results. Our business model is simple and old-fashioned, yet strategic and highly effective.

Our efforts have consistently delivered an increase in number of shareholders, market capitalization, client funding opportunities and institutional ownership. Our reputation and experience affords us a vast network of potential partners and investors.

With our assistance, our clients have raised in excess of $400 million in equity for ventures spanning almost every sector of industry.

Who We Are

MID ATLANTIC CAPITAL is a boutique advisory and investor relations firm, which has been involved in capital markets worldwide for the past 40 years and has arranged transactions from Vancouver to New York and from Dubai to Singapore. 

We have experts in Frankfurt, London, Hong Kong, Dubai Vancouver, Toronto, New York and Los Angeles working with our clients to reach their structure, finance and market goals.


Charles Flynn - CEO - MidAtlantic Capital

Charles D. Flynn


Follow Charlie:

Charlie Flynn is the CEO of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international relations firm.

Originally from London, his career in finance and technology has led him from the United Kingdom to the United States, Canada, Germany, France, Spain and Bermuda.

At Mid Atlantic, he has been involved in mergers, acquisitions and financings with a transaction volume in excess of $2.5 billion and has assisted private and small cap companies in raising in excess of $400 million in equity.

He began his career in technology designing and building personal computers in Canada in the mid-seventies to eventually become an authorized distributor for Microsoft and Apple. After successfully selling his company, Charlie joined Unisys in corporate development and mergers & acquisitions. After Unisys, he pursued his interest in finance to join a New York investment firm and moved to Boca Raton, Florida and then to Toronto, working with a number of broker-dealers in mergers, acquisitions and financings before launching Mid Atlantic in Bermuda.

Charlie divides his time between Vancouver, London and Los Angeles. He is the author of a number of books and is married with seven children.


Mikael Lundgren

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Executive Vice-President

Mikael Lundgren is the Executive Vice-President of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international relations firm.

Mikael is also a director of United Hunter Oil & Gas Corp. and on the advisory board of Royal Deals, LLC, in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.  Previously Mr. Lundgren was a partner and Head of Legal Affairs for the PNYG Group and Visionary Invest Partners AG, and a director of Super Heroes Investment Partners. Prior to joining PNYG, he co-founded AristoGaming Ltd., where he held the position of Chairman and CEO. Directly after graduating from law school, Mikael worked as a judge’s assistant at the Court of Gothenburg in Sweden. 
Mr. Lundgren holds a Master’s Degree in Law from Lund University in Sweden.

Creenagh Flynn : Marketing

Follow Creenagh:

Creenagh Flynn is the Marketing Director of Mid Atlantic Capital Associates, a boutique advisory and international relations firm.

Creenagh has over 18 years of experience in design, development and marketing. 

She has spent most of her career working with C-Suite executives to effectively communicate their operations to investors and customers alike.  Creenagh worked with Accenture on the roll out of smart energy grid Information Technology system upgrades for utility companies around the world such as BC Hydro, Hydro One and Hydra Italia.  Creenagh has also been a successful e-Commerce Director, creating the platform and communications required to roll out, sell and optimize brands in multi-sales channel business models.  She single handedly developed stores, apps, designs and marketing strategies while working as a contract consultant and has been a team member of notable IPOs on the TSX in Canada.  Creenagh’s pitch decks and correlating communications have raised close to 3 Billion and her e-commerce platforms have sold nearly 100 million in merchandise to online consumers.

“My work and projects have brought me around the world into the offices of the largest financial institutions, publishers and networks in Seoul, London, New York, Barcelona, Berlin, Vancouver and Toronto. I am an expert like no other, my creativity set me above and beyond your traditional consultant, with the technical skills, intellect and eye for detail that drive projects from zero to hero.” says Creenagh. 

Creenagh is a skilled professional and proven expert in translating complex project data and strategies to the public markets and developing the platform, packaging, tools, and media required to represent them effectively.